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  elmEr: Podría estar disponible en español u otros idiomas. Y no supe la diferencia entre cannabis skunk y cannabis grass: otro indicador de cultura local que le resta globalidad a esta encuesta. Aun así será muy provechoso conocer los ... +
05 de diciembre 2011 en Mixmag drug Survey 2012.
  ricardelico: El mentado Calderón tendría que responder, desde hace tiempo, con iniciativas para examinar los verdaderos daños de las drogas y las propuestas para reducirlos, incluidas las alternativas de regulación de mercados.
16 de noviembre 2011 en Juan Manuel Santos: Es tiempo de volver a pensar sobre la guerra a las drogas.

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  Revela documento filtrado opinión dividida en la ONU sobre la guerra contra las, Leaked paper reveals UN split over war on drugs Major international divisions over the global "war on drugs" have been revealed in a leaked draft of a UN document setting out the organisation's long-term strategy for combating illicit narcotics.The draft, written in September and seen by the Observer, shows there are serious and entrenched divisions over the longstanding US-led policy promoting prohibition as an exclusive solution to the problem.Instead, a number... ver más 2013-11-30 The Guardian, Jamie Doward, Etiquetas: Noticia, The Guardian The Guardian, Guerra antidrogas, ficha completa  
  Cartel de México en conflicto con los grupos de autodefensa en el estado de, Mexico drug cartel in conflict with self-defence groups in Michoacán state The escalating conflict between self-defence groups from the western Mexican state of Michoacán and the Knights Templar drug cartel triggered a shootout in the centre of a major city and attacks on power stations leaving hundreds of thousands without electricity over the weekend.The clashes were sparked on Saturday when self-defence groups formed in several outlying towns in the Tierra Caliente, or Hot Lands, region marched on... ver más 2013-11-28 The Guardian, Jon Tuckman, Etiquetas: Noticia, The Guardian The Guardian, Seguridad pública, ficha completa  
  Como saber si tiene una granja de cannabis en la proxima puerta., How to spot if you have a cannabis farm next door A new report estimates that 500,000 people grow cannabis in the UK – roughly one person on every street. So how can you tell if your neighbour is raising a crop?In the course of making a film about Britain's cannabis industry, I have learned a lot about how to spot a cannabis farm. I have been schooled by policemen who raid them, gangsters who rob them and growers who set them up and produce more than 80% of the cannabis... ver más 2013-10-15 The Guardian, Conor Woodman, Etiquetas: Artículo, The Guardian The Guardian, #cannabis, ficha completa  
  Breaking Bad doesnt show you the real drug war drama, There's something similar going on in Breaking Bad. It's a form of pop-culture therapy that normalises drug violence and helps us to accept what's transpiring on the streets of Mexico and every major North American city as a naturally occurring phenomena. By ignoring the bit players of the war on drugs – those who, regardless of choice, still get sucked in and chewed up – it boils an extremely complex situation down to the sins of the... ver más 2012-09-06 Etiquetas: Noticia, The Guardian, #CaravanaUSA, ficha completa  
  LSD could help alcoholics stop drinking, AA founder believed, The co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) believed LSD could be used to cure alcoholics and credited the drug with helping his own recovery from often debilitating depression, according to new research.About 20 years after setting up the Ohio-based sobriety movement in 1935, Bill Wilson came to believe that LSD could help "cynical alcoholics" achieve a "spiritual awakening" and start on the path to recovery.The... ver más 2012-08-23 Amelia Hill, Etiquetas: Artículo, The Guardian, ficha completa  
  Florida primary: where the Republican candidates stand on drugs, As the race moves to a state with a big drug problem and controverisal laws to deal with it, here's a primer on an issue that has been largely absent from the campaign trail The battle for the Republican nomination has moved to Florida this week, which also happens to be a key battleground in an entirely different fight: the $15bn federally-waged war on drugs. The law was temporarily blocked in October, but required testing for federal aid has become a hot-button issue in drug policy debates, and has received the explicit endorsement of Newt Gingrich. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on... ver más 2012-01-25 Etiquetas: Artículo, The Guardian, ficha completa  
  Mixmag drug Survey 2012, Dear readerWelcome to the Mixmag Drugs Survey 2012 in partnership with the Guardian. This year we hope to produce the biggest - and first truly global - survey of drug use amongst young people, clubbers and the wider drug using population ever conducted. It takes about 10-20 minutes to fill in, is completely anonymous and by being part of it, you could help change the world.That's because the Mixmag / Guardian Drugs survey is ... ver más 2011-11-23 Etiquetas: Encuestas y estadísticas, The Guardian, ficha completa  
  Juan Manuel Santos: Es tiempo de volver a pensar sobre la guerra a las drogas, El presidente de Colombia habla con franqueza sobre el precio que su país ha tenido que pagar y sobre su éxito en el desmontaje de los carteles Es difícil sobreestimar la importancia simbólica de un presidente colombiano que entra al debate con tal fuerza, dado el papel central que han jugado las drogas en la sangrienta historia reciente de su país. Santos está muy atento al simbolismo y al papel que está jugando. 'Sí, lo sé, y soy conciente de lo que esto significa. Le he dicho al Presidente Calderón: tenemos usted y yo mucha más autoridad para hablar de esto porque nuestros países ... ver más 2011-11-12 John Mullholand, Juan Manuel Santos, Etiquetas: Artículo, The Guardian, Voces internacionales, Calderón y la despenalización, ficha completa  
  The G20's choice of Calderón is a grave error, Instead of being selected to chair the G20, Mexico's president should be under investigation for human rights violations The G20 committed a big mistake by naming as its chair for 2012 a possible war criminal who is in the midst of an intense electoral battle in his home country. Mexico's President Felipe Calderón will not push the G20 mandate of "promoting open and constructive discussion ... on key issues related to global economic stability". His only interest will be to use this international forum for political purposes. In the context of widespread protest ... ver más 2011-11-10 Jonh M. Ackerman, Etiquetas: Artículo, The Guardian, ficha completa  
  There is no hiding with LSD, Beyond the flowers that turn into cats, an acid trip forces users to face whatever comes up, and self-knowledge often follows The question: Did the drugs work at all?Is LSD a great spiritual teacher? Or indeed a teacher at all? My answer is an emphatic "Yes", even though there will always be students who learn nothing from their teachers or misuse what they do learn.For me LSD is the ultimate psychedelic. It's a tough one – one not to be taken lightly or often. A typical trip lasts eight to 10 hours and there's no respite or way out once you've popped... ver más 2011-03-22 Etiquetas: Artículo, The Guardian, LSD, Tuiteado, ficha completa  
  Mexico, chief casualty of America's 'war on, With the death toll ever rising, it's high time the US stopped sponsoring a bloody, unwinnable conflict with the drugs cartels Tuesday's brutal attack on two US law enforcement agents in Mexico has led to the normal sabre-rattling. Representative Michael McCaul of Texas has called it a "game-changer" and a "wake-up call" to the "war on our nation's doorstep". Last week, James Westphal, undersecretary of the Army, had already spoken of an "armed insurgency" in Mexico, and the possibility of sending "armed and fighting" troops across the border to prevent a "takeover of ... ver más 2011-02-18 Jonh M. Ackerman, Etiquetas: Artículo, The Guardian, ficha completa  
  How many lives would have been lost if we didn't have controls on drugs?, Decriminalisation would be disaster for poor countries. We need a balanced approach covering health, development and security [Series: The Observer drugs debate]There is a growing chorus, not least in the pages of the Observer, calling for an end to drug control. The arguments are by now well known: too many people are going to jail and not to treatment. Eradicating the supply of illicit drugs is meaningless without reducing demand. Drug control has spawned a massive criminal black market. Some even say that the costs of prohibition far outweigh the... ver más 2009-09-20 Antonio Maria Costa, Etiquetas: Artículo, The Guardian, ficha completa  
  The war on drugs is a waste of time, It is not only very expensive and misdirected activity, but counterproductive and harmful Series: The Observer drugs debate    * Tom Lloyd          o Tom Lloyd, former chief constable          o The Observer, Sunday 20 September 2009Several generations have now lived under the shadow of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, including police officers like me who became increasingly disillusioned with its... ver más 2009-09-20 Tom Lloyd, Etiquetas: Artículo, The Guardian, ficha completa  es un proyecto de Convivencia y Espacio Público AC y el Colectivo por una Política Integral hacia las Drogas AC.
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