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Responsabilidad policial en democracia
A Silent Nightmare
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The bottom line and the challenge of Ilicit Drugs ...
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A Silent Nightmare

Sergio Ferragut

Martes 1 de mayo de 2007 (12/09/11)
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The bottom line and the challenge of Ilicit Drugs

A Silent Nightmare presents a blueprint for a viable drug policy. America has been immersed in the struggle against illicit drugs for decades; however, drug use and abuse continue to weight heavily on the shoulders of our youth, crime associated with illicit drugs has increased dramatically, and the drug traffickers and their stealth friends in the business world continue to grow richer. This book uncovers the drug facts - the myths, the root causes, and the many drug-related events - and delivers the urgently needed hope that much can be achieved with a different drug policy. It is the author's intention to shed light on a new path leading towards a more rational, coherent and humane drug policy. He joins many distinguished personalities, including the late Milton Friedman, Economics Nobel Prize winner, William F. Buckley, Jr., founder of the National Review, and Walter Cronkite, award-winning journalist, who have raised their voices calling for an overhaul of the current failed drug policy.

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A Silent Nightmare
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