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Pactar con el narco
Excerpts From an Interview With President Felipe Calderón
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Narcopactos Calderón y la despenalización
Felipe Calderón Hinojosa The New...

Excerpts From an Interview With President Felipe Calderón
Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, The New York Times
Sábado 15 de octubre de 2011 ver en nytimes.com

(On decriminalization and whether his call for “market alternatives” to curb drug organizations’ profits is a step toward that.) I think the responsibility of policy makers in the United States or members of Congress is to explore all alternatives that may allow the flow of money to be reduced. They come and tell me they have a policy to keep young people away from drugs, and what I see are all the stereotypical examples. From Michael Phelps, an Olympic champion, smoking marijuana, to the most admired American actors happily smoking marijuana and cocaine on screen. Instead of warning about the health risks of taking drugs, there is powerful lobby to declare that marijuana is medicinal and that makes young people think it is good.


(On the hunt for Joaquín Guzmán, the most-wanted drug lord, known as El Chapo, who has eluded capture since escaping from prison in Mexico in 2001.) The Mexican Army probably a couple of times has been in the place where hours before Chapo was. But sooner or later he will fall as well as other leaders.


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